What makes our internet service the best?


We stop many cyber criminal activities at our network edges so many of those threats don’t even reach you.

Account Isolation

Port scans, TCP bombs, SYN and ICMP attacks are just a few that we stop before they can even attempt to hit your device.

Optimized Software

All software we install on our machines is optimized for speed.

Daily Backups

We believe the internet should be open. We don’t block you or throttle your speed to some sites.

Unlimited Email Addresses

Our over engineered network provides ample bandwidth to let you access anything you want on the internet at the best speeds available today.

CloudFlare Integration

Cache content and filter malicious traffic before it hits your server.

Server Level Protection

If a major vulnerability appears, we develop & apply server-level fixes.

Free 24×7/365 Support

You can reach our team at any time, day or night.

30 Day Money-back Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied, simply cancel within 30 days.

Internet for All Your Buildings Property Managers

Designed With Your Property In Mind

Solutions For Every Business Business Owners

Benefit from scalable bandwidth for your business.

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Have Questions?

How can I upgrade my internet plan?

To upgrade, simply give us a call and let us know how we can help you!
Customer service is standing by to help you succeed. Call us today at 817-537-5338.

How can you help my building?

Attract and retain tenants with high quality internet service. We can even provide your leasing office, common area gym and conference room free wifi for your staff and guests. Access to high speed internet access is the highest sought amenity by companies looking to lease. It is the third most important factor overall behind price and location.

Does Wise ISP offer phone support?

Our customer service is available 7 days a week from 8 am to 8 pm Central Time. Please give us a call at 817-537-5338 and see how our outstanding customer service goes above and beyond to help you succeed.

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