Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help with my network?

We lead the pack in providing comprehensive networking solutions for your business that don’t stop at the internet jack on the wall. We can set up and install your entire network from scratch, or move your equipment across town. Our remote hand technicians are very popular when companies are setting up branch offices from another city. Just ship us your gear and we will plug it in and test it for you.

Can I bring my own router?

In a world with hundreds of options, everyone has their favorite brand and configuration of router. That is why at Wise, we allow you to bring your own device. No special requests or settings are necessary. Forget complex configurations, bridge mode modems or port forwarding. Just plug your router’s WAN port to our ethernet jack in your suite and you are off and running.

Can you provide static IPs?

One single static IP? No problem and no charge. Just ask and we can provision it within a few minutes. If you need a larger block, we can arrange a custom range for you too for a reasonable price.

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